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     It used to be, when you mention church, many people think of the small building with pews, the steeple and small numbers of parishioners singing hymns led by organ or piano. Today, larger churches often have many locations and more houses of worship are using concert-grade audio and lighting systems, broadcast-quality television, projectors and lots of stuff for the kids to do. More often than not, these satellite campuses are mobile - the venue does not belong to the church, they just use it on Sunday or Wednesday and have to bring their gear and supplies; much of what they will need is not provided by the venue.

     For Saddleback church, this expansion has been aggressive: launching several satellite campuses in early 2011 simultaneously. When you're moving that much gear around, often by volunteers who may change from week to week, consistency, longevity and ease of use are highly prized, which is why Saddleback turned to StageGear to supply over 150 new cases for their new locations. As they have already worked with us in the past, we did not need to redesign most of the cases, we already had the designs and could just build them. Whether 3 cases for the Venue SC48 or custom cases for Sunday school, we built them the same way, every time. Our cases for their sunday school are really neat: on one side it's an entertainment center with a 26" TV and a DVD player and a couple drawers to hold DVDs, remotes and the like. On the other side, there are spaces for the plastic tubs that hold other things for the classroom as well - it's a classroom on wheels.
     Stagegear cases are a great investment for houses of worship: you don't have the funds to buy just anything you might want, you can't afford to repair it all the time and every dollar that you spend on repairing case or gear is a dollar you can't use to further the cause. Our cases are designed for the long-haul; literally. We engineer our cases to have a 10 year life span and be able to be re-conditioned afterward. Our cases are thicker, stronger and better thought out; designed to live a mobile life, to protect your gear and let you keep the main thing the main thing. We have a long memory: if we've built it once, we can build it again; exactly the same case. 
     We build you the right case with the right features, every time.
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