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     RackLife on the road can be brutal for a touring system and the crew who sets it up and packs it down. Fortunately for the Guns N' Roses team, their 2006 and 2007 tour got a bit easier, thanks to StageGear.

     Most of us who love and attend concerts don't realize the days of planning and hours of effort that go into the 3 hours of magic we experience. For the Guns N' Roses 2006 and 2007 tour, this meant 13 semi-trucks full of gear to load and unload at every concert venue. In concert touring, the adage “Time is Money” especially holds true: the longer it takes to unload, set up, tear down and load the trucks, the less profit everyone takes home. Fortunately, when Guns N' Roses needed cases for their backline gear — Guitars, Amps, Bass rigs, workstations, power — they came to StageGear. We know the gear, the trucks, the cases and how to engineer each case for life on the road.

     Not all cases are directly for the performance either, we also built them a wardrobe case, 2 entertainment system cases with big TVs and a traveling Mac 5 setup with a cinema display. All of our cases made with the StageGear touch — carpeted, counter-sunk hardware, our EverRoll™ casters and interchangeable parts. Wait, interchangeable parts? Indeed, when time is money and you have several racks at a gig, you put all the doors and removed parts to the side. When you're ready to put them back on, it won't matter where they go - they will all fit. It's designed to be convenient when time is critical and gear is going in and out - our cases are designed to go in and out of the truck every day for 10 years. Once we've made one, we can make the exact same case 3, 5, or 10 years later.

     Oh, and speaking of convenient, the Guns N' Roses team had it down — they were able to roll out of a stadium in 3 hours. 13 trucks. Bam. Gone. Amazing — it's through having cases like these that you don't have to fight for things, just put 'em on and go.

     It's all about time.

     Guns N' Roses embarked on a new leg of their Chinese Democracy World Tour in 2007. Formed in 1985, the band has sold more than 100 million albums worldwide and have charted 3 Top 10 hits on the Billboard Hot 100.

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